Lome Togo Is One Of My Top Five Live Abroad Locations

Why We Live In Lome Togo?

Lome Togo is One of My Top Five Live Abroad Locations

“C'est un long temps.”

Hello, I am Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com; I have lived in 90 countries, and have perpetually moved around for 15 years, never staying in location longer than three months.

There are places on the planet, where everyone knows my name, and I feel welcome, a homecoming. In the last few days, I ran into Thomas, Rene, Helena, Sylvain, Brune, etc. I would estimate that at least 20 people know me by name here, “Andre.”

And, between 50 and 100 know my by face, or more,
The locals say,

“C'est un long temps.”

LOme Togo location map

One “tell” of a good live abroad location is recognition, yes, I have been to Thailand dozens of times, but few people call me by name, it is always a transient stop.

Here in Lome, Togo I receive hugs, kisses, nods, waves, and one French guy stopped his taxi in the middle of the road and ran to catch me today. This is a good feeling, which coupled with the West African culture that intermarries with my culture; this is a fine place to live.

The ability to marry a locals, have a family, send them to school, and have the children play soccer together is a windfall live abroad location.

I love Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, but I cannot marry the locals, without tons of social problems. The Kachikels girls have social shame if they are seen with me, the people calls them names, (Bad Girl Names.)

I love Thailand, but I finally realized, I would always be some form of Farang, not really wanted. I learned this by dating a nice girl who was a pharmacist. (Yes, 99 percent of the men marry boom boom girls, but not me.)

Central and South American has such an overwhelming amount of crime, it is annoying. While in West Africa, crime is almost a zero, which is relaxing when you finally realize that just because they are black, does not mean they are criminals. They are better con men here, than the Latinos, while the Southeast Asian people just ignore the foreigners, and sell us things.

Generally, 10 percent of foreigners in Latino countries drive cars, because of theft, and crime, while in West Africa maybe 90 of the white foreigners drive cars. This explains theft, and corruption, more than you can understand, but I still do not want people to drive cars.

I have done research, and tried to identify the countries that will allow me to intermarry, but it will take me years to figure this out, collect the data properly, and explain in way that can be understood.

Top 5 Locations to Live Abroad for me, Andy Graham

1. Lome Togo (Complete Intermarry)

2. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala (No Intermarry)

3. Somewhere transient in the Philippines (Half Intermarry)

4. Rio de Janeiro (Not sure on Intermarry)

5. Kathmandu, Nepal (No Intermarry, or ½)

Lome has many large super markets ran by India and Lebanese people, I went into a very large Ramco store today, and it was great to know, while yes, it is expensive, I can still buy the food I am crazing from home.

I am slowly realizing, while I do like the perfect climate of Lake Atitlan, the percentage of Americans is too high. I really want to live at a live abroad location with less than 5 percent Americans. The USA culture is not worldly, does not speak languages, and extremely insulated, it is not my favorite culture on the planet for developed nations.

I would suppose the best cultures for me are the Netherlands, Swedish, and maybe Belgium, and then maybe Germans. One on one the French is ok, but in groups, they are about the same as Americans, clickish, self-absorbed and full of mockery.

Well, I am feeling at home here in Lome, Togo, soon I will go to Kpalime and Atakpame, two more homes away from home for me.

Generally, figuring out the motorcycle taxis, or the collective car taxi is the million dollar travel skill in West Africa. Of course, I have to speak French, and that alone stops many people.

But, West Africa is a great place to meet nice women, who will marry me, have my children, and allow me to become a neighbor.

It is strange how few countries will allow me to become a neighbor.

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