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This is Andy Lee Graham, I am on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala right now, if anyone is in Guatemaula, we invited you to eat at Chinitas Restaurant in Panajachel on Wednesday at 6:00 PM April 25, 2017 Thanks.

Yes that would be ideal, but there seams to be no advice from anybody :-)

Not even Andy whispered about his secret hotel...

I added an interactive map to Rainfall page, that helps us know the rainy seasons. http://www.mylometogo.com/rain-or-precipitation-averages-lome-togo/index.php

I was in January 2014 in Lome Togo and have 10 days rented a car. My first experience in Africa, my first experience with car driving in Africa. Afterwards I think it was perhaps not wise to do but there is nothing serious happened. There is only broken into the car. Centre console, radio and electrical operation of the doors stolen. I think the traffic in Lome Togo is dangerous, especially for foreigners. Traffic rules are violated massively. No, traffic rules do not exist!I, a woman from Holland, driving for more than 35 years car and motorcycle, thanked God every day I did not kill any one. I enjoyed my stay in Togo, but will never drive a car again in Lomé or anywhere in Togo.

Looking more and more like Ill be coming to Lome. Some particulars to work out and maybe soon Ill escape winter :-) Je connais un peu français maintenant im désireux dapprendre le français couramment. :-)

I often think the whole world has their head up their ass, as if giving a little information for free is a major disruption in the day. I often think about owning a hotel, I could make 2 videos per day about the hotel, there would never be a person come to the hotel that did not get what they saw on the videos. Communication is easy, unless you have your head up your ass.

thanks so much Andy - i do truly appreciate real information from someome on the ground there. We just got our latest snowstorm - Im sick of winter

I do not know about the fishing, but this is the ocean, I see people walking around with fish. Lome is absurdly safe, but yes, you can get robbed if you go to the beach at 2:00 am after being drunk all night. Normally it is some white girls who drinks to much, and boinks all the local men. Maybe the Peace Corps or Volunteers, a really naive bunch, 20 years old, that came to save Africa. I consider listening to volunteers entertainment.

Im kind of leaning towards coming to Lome to teach on a two year contract- I have an interview in Cairo, Albania, Abu Dhabi and Kazakhstan for teaching jobs - I have an offer in Lome - One question - Any fishing in Togo - could a person surf fish or go out in the Atlantic? I read online there are alot of muggings on the beach at night - true or just tourist hype? Ive been other places they say are dangerous and I found them to be fine.

Do yo know the song eveybody queta or Ouetta or something similar . We visit last weeks in Togo and this was the most popular song. I cant find it on internet
Eric Mein Breda Netherlands

Hello, I arrived in Lome on October 16, am happy to see all my friends here.

The International group went to Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/togoexpats/

I ate a salad in Kara, Togo, it is the only strange food I have eaten Thanks, when a person is weak, and in a different country it seems worst. Thanks Andy Graham

thanks andy for your wonderful articles. i think that waht you do is wonderful-i hope that you feel better soon-sincerely,sue

If for any reason you have insurance, it is often voided and they do not have to pay if there is a consulate sheet warning. I do not have Insurance, but many do. If you become sick, do nothing to communicate with the insurance company until you are on a proper country.

Hi andy, Thanks for the reply. i have just read the travel advice for the philippines (lived there for several years) and i looks even worse! I found it quite safe. I guess all the oficial advice should be taken with a grain of salt. I will do a trip to togo and ghana later this year. All the best.

I, Andy Graham have lived and stayed in the Kodjoviakope neighborhood of Lome, Togo 3-4 times, maybe six months of my life.

I can tell you a story, I met the man in charge of security for the USA embassy in Lome, he wrote terrible stories about crime. Then, another man got transferred to Lome form Rwanda, and I took him on a tour of all the worst possible places in Lome, Togo during the daylight hours.

As best I can tell, from the conversation with both USA security people is that one was too afraid to even leave the SUV in the areas he was writing about. While the other was not afraid to enter.

OK, as a white guy from the USA, it is at first incredibly scary to enter a bar with completely full of blacks. Why? Because if I went into a 100 percent black bar in the USA it would be very very very dangerous, I would be on their turf.
As best I can tell, most people form an opinion about before the come about Black Africa, and are too afraid, too stupid, and too prejudice to test their feelings.

I have never seen a gun by a normal person in Lome, yes the police have them.

I know of one person getting rob, a German girl was falling down drunk, walking at 11:30 near the German embassy, she had a huge purse, and a motorcycle driver cam by and try to machete it off.

In Sosus, Dominican Republic I hear worst ever three days, that place is deadly dangerous.


Generally any government must report the worst possible situation, they are like Doctors, they tell you the worst, and when it better, you are happy.

Would I take my two parents for a walk in Lome at night, before 11:00 PM, yes, without a problem. I would ask my mother to remover her purse, and my father to take the one inch wallet out of his pocket, but I would do the same in Paris is full of problems.

I have been to Paris, and Lome, which is safer to me, Lome by 10 times.

If you travel the world long enough, you will know that people for many reasons believe white is better. Anything black is bad, and they sell cream here to bleach the black people.

Africa does not know America, and they cannot say, we are safer.

Chicago at 11:00 or Lome, I choose Lome 100 percent without a doubt, they do not have guns here.

Marc is coming to Benin, maybe we can have a video interview again on violence.

But, the vigilantes are in force, they will hunt down a thief and kill him. Marc who is from France, speaks French, watch it out in front of his balcony happen.

Drinking and being out at 11:00 is always a danger.

But, all the whites drive cars in Lome, and there is nothing easier to do, then stop a car full of white, and rob them. Latin America does this daily, but the story here, everyone is safe to have a car. They park them in the street, often, not always.

I think the world just has formed an opinion about Africa that is wrong, and the bunch of idiot NGOs and Missionaries who are very stupid, do get robbed. It is amazing the level of stupid this group has.

Andy Graham

why would http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/travel-and-living-abroad/travel-advice-by-country/sub-saharan-africa/togo state the following Crime
The sea front area in Lomé, particularly around the Hotel Sarakawa is dangerous. Pick-pocketing and theft are common, especially along the beach and in the market areas of Lomé. Attacks on pedestrians happen in broad daylight as well as at night. You should enter and exit public places like restaurants in groups rather than on your own.

Crime is increasing in Lomé. Local authorities warn of a rise in violent robberies and car-jacking incidents targeting both foreigners and Togolese alike. Togolese authorities have also warned motorists to only stop for individuals in uniform, particularly after dark. You should avoid travelling alone where possible even within Lomé city limits, especially after dark.

If it aint true, then I wonder why they do this. Is it really a complete lie?
this is a serious question. I was planning to visit togo later this year, but as a lone traveller I start to be worried to walk around at night/evening, Is it safe to walk around at night in lome ?

All the best

American passport/visa information:
How many days will they be given on their passport? How can this be extended? Your interviews are always good.

Phil, using the words cultural underpinnings was excellent, a great use of words that explains.

I always think of the movie, If its Tuesday, it must be Belgium. I guess you just have to be a little philosophical about it. Far to often you can get into trouble trying to help someone. So I usually keep it pretty low key.
I guess it is a lot easier for me because I do not travel off the grid like you Andy. I totally agree with you about the culture thing. It is so easy to judge someone when you do not have a clue how their culture operates.
But I still love travel and meeting new people. And fortunately I occasionally understand the cultural underpinnings of what I see.
Phil J

When I lived in Europe I came across a lot of student travelers. There were always a few who understood how to travel but the majority were only interested in seeing what they could, partying and taking thousands of photos.
I would sometimes be able to get in with a group but after a while realize it was a waste of time to try and discuss culture with them.
There would always be a leader who knew it all. Very amusing at best.
Fortunately there are many extension universities in Europe where the kids live 6/9 months out of the year and actually do learn the culture, history, business and language and make for good ambassadors.
Many universities have also set up or are in the process in Asia, mainly Japan and China which is a good thing.

You wrote this I am slowly realizing, while I do like the perfect climate of Lake Atitlan, the percentage of Americans is too high.
I hope this means you will not be trying to sell any more $500 retire abroad seminars at Lake Atitlan.

Andy, I have seen your video on the Lome market fire. This market is not just one market, it was the market in Lome, and before the port was build, already an hub for the city. I have a family in Lome, one aunt of me had a small shop inside the market, now she has lost everything in that fire. You sure know how the businesworld in Westafrica works, there are many Nana Benz businesswomen, and many traders would buy on a commisson basis their goods from them. Now theose who have lost their shop will have to pay the price of the goods to the owners, and only the small shop of my aunt was worth 15.000 Euro, one can imagine the loss of many other who had a bigger store. The people are angry because two markets have been looted, up in Kara and 3 hours later the one in Lome, the ones who did it knew well enough that all the shopowners had their money inside their shop, so they went inside and got the money before they set the fire in the 1st floor. People are angry and desperate because they have lost everything, and they know all to well only the government is capable of burning down 2 markets almost simultaniously. In the next week they will celebrate the 50th year of the coup detat by the regime, and Faure has cancer, many bet he wont survive this year. The regime has always played the shock and awe card, but this time they have outraged an whole city. Rumors went on for years that the regime wanted to get rid of the market, they had plans to use the area otherwise.My aunt will have like many other sellers leave the country, otherwise whe will be targeted by the people she owes money too.

its been quite awhile since Ive read about your travels and life lived abroad blogs. Sounds like youre very content and feeling cozy in West Africa. Interesting summations the cultures and foreign expats in the various areas of the world. So all the BEST to you and your old friendships. Looks like your new transition to facebook and so much added website content has helped you recover from those google changes last year CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy Life!

We went back to hometown midwest USA to start a 49 day, 6000+ mile road trip up the Mississippi River and across the Great Lakes coastal roads to the Atlantic coast spending the last 8 days in Manhattan. Have postponed another trip because waking up each day excited about life busy with our projects here on Boracay Island is feelin GREAT. May take off to Madagascar and East Africa for 3+ months later this year.

hi whats up in togo is it expensive to live there?