My Friend Johnny Come to Togo, and the Visa on Arrival Helps

Togo grants a 7 day visa on arrival, and Americans can extend it for one year, it cost 30 dollars, and I have done this 4 times. February 2014 Andy Graham

Johnny flies round-trip from Detroit, Michigan to Lome, Togo tonight; the Brussels Airlines ticket cost 1450 dollars. This will be a lot of fun. I met Johnny in Sosua, Dominican Republic, and he has been to many places, he worked for years as a private jet pilot, so he knows the world. He has been going to Kenya and Uganda a few times, and now wants to explore West Africa.
(They give visas on arrival.)

Johnny in Togo

The bottom line is this, Togo give Americans a 7 day visa on arrival, and no other country in West Africa does that, Senegal used to do it, but now does, as dumb does. Ivory Coast used to give a visa on arrival, but has now joined the lets get dumb together club.

I venture to guess, I could increase tourism in any country on the planet 10 percent with just 3 changes. It takes a long time to understand why people go to countries, and why the do not, the reasons are normally simple. I do not wish to increase tourism, I want it to decrease.

Why is Johnny coming to Togo? Yes, he is coming because I am here, but mostly because it is simple, this is tourism. And, after you have gone to Europe, been to Mexico, visited Thailand and the Philippines, you got to find another easy to visit place. This is really when travel starts, the after Europe group.

Johnny is after Europe, after Thailand, after Caribbean, and after East Africa, Togo is a place you go after you’re bored with all the normal places.

Johnny is an elite traveler, he is not a polyglot, speaks only English, but his passport is fat, but for sure the visa on arrival is always a good reason to visit a country.

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Looking more and more like Ill be coming to Lome. Some particulars to work out and maybe soon Ill escape winter :-) Je connais un peu français maintenant im désireux dapprendre le français couramment. :-)

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