Travel from Atakpame to Kara Togo in Cinq Place

How I traveled from Atakpame to Kara in a Cinq Place, 5 seat collective taxi in 2013.

Travel from Atakpame to Kara Togo in Cinq Place

I will take a five seat car, a group taxi from the city of Atakpame to Kara, Togo West Africa tomorrow morning. I will do my best, to be on the highway leaving the city, just after the sun comes up, I think that is roughly 6:30 am. The first cars out of the city, are the smart drivers, the best groups of passenger, and all the people that overslept are sort of lazy.

Atakpame Map

I have traveled many times in West Africa, and Togo can be a challenge, but my French is good, and I can now travel easy. I do not go to any gare, or bus station, or formal areas. In Togo, just as you reach the outskirts of most big cities, there are places where cars pull over, load up with 5-7 people, and travel between cities. The Gare or bus stations are tricky, they have rules, can try to force you take the next car; pay a fee for your bag, all my powers of negotiation go out the window. More or less, I travel the way most executive travel, who does not have cars. The huge benefit at a Yevo or white man is often a regular car will pick me up, change me the going rate, and I ride about the same as if friend had a car.

More or less you can hitchhike here in Togo, but pay the going rate.

I do not enjoy waiting for buses, a bus will leave at say 7:00 am, not in Togo, but most countries, and I have to buy the ticket in advance, arrive at the station 20 minutes early, and hack my way through rules made by people who love to make rules. If I just walk out, grab passing vehicles, I save the time needed to buy the ticket, and the time needed to arrive early, and I do not have to plan, I just leave when I am ready. Togo is good for the leave when you want to leave person like me, but the 5 Places can be a challenge to the spirit, not exactly a luxury ride. But all in all, the fastest way to travel between two cities in Togo, West Africa.

Andy Graham January 2013 Togo, West Africa 






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