Lome Togo Peaking In 2013 As Live Abroad Destination

Lome Togo has been cleaned, and repaired, 2013-2015 is a great time to come to Lome and hangout.

Lome Togo Peaking in 2013 as Travel Destination

In the history of all cities on the planet, there is a time, when the city shines, when everything is good, I believe 2013 may be the best of times for Lome, Togo. What I mean to say, if you for any reason to come to Lome, if you are dreaming and yearning to come to French West Africa, then this is the time. I believe for the next 2-3 years, this city, and this country is going to shine.

Lome Togo 2013

I have been to Lome, Togo maybe five times in the last 5-6 years, it was broken, and it was in an economic depression. The French colonist left in the 60’s, it felt like the city and country was spiraling down ever since. The streets were full of pothole; in Ghana English it was “Spoiled.” In French, it was, (Sp) Gaute, the place was broken. It was surviving, just because people must continue to live, but it was not thriving on my past trips to Lome.

For some miraculous reason, the powers that be have seen fit to repave all the major streets in the city. All the sewers are covered, I even feel guilty throwing trash on the ground, and they have put up trash cans.

Thank you to the power that be in Lome, Togo, the feel of the city is 10 times better.

Lome Togo Boom Days

In the 60’s or maybe the 70’s Lome, Togo was the city of choice, for the people who understood the world, who were globally aware. Old French men are still lingering here, refusing to give up on the joy the once felt, the came to a party, and never wanted to leave.

I am hoping that a 5 year window has started; you, me, and we have 5 years to enjoy this reborn city, before it slowly falls down from lack of maintenance. I do not want the city to fall down, but I am a realist, Africa can do build something nice, but they have trouble with he day to day operations, the people just are not motivate to maintain what they have, what is clean and shiny, often becomes dull because everyone looks the other way, nobody maintains what is good, they stop applying energy and the thing breaks again.

As I said, if for any reason, this is where you wish to come, the window of time is now in 2013-2015, after that, I feel the place will have be broken, and the trash underbelly reclaims the city.

Lome, Togo is a manageable city, it is now easy to travel, easy to understand, and it is vibrating with something going on.

I missed some windows, I got to Playa del Carmen, Mexico late, it was all ready over, the end was bleeding the city dry. I was in Acapulco, when it was obvious, that in the 1950’s the city was the place to be.

When a tourist location is in, it is in, when a city is in, it is the time to visit that city, you have no choice, and the time will pass.

The majority of tourist cities are spirally down; always the best is the new, the shiny, and the ready to go one, not the ones that went already.

Note, Lome is not really a “Tourist City,” it is “Live Abroad City.”

Thank you,
Andy Lee Graham Lome, Togo 2013

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