The Popular Song in Togo West Africa March 2013 - NYEMAFONUWO by Pasteur MOG

What is the song I hear the most in Lome, Togo, or other cities in Togo, West Africa in March of 2013? This is the song by Pasteur MOG - NYEMAFONUWO

The Song I cannot avoid in Togo 2013

Which song is popular in Togo, West Africa today?

This is a wondrous song in any language, happy, and it feels as if the female is answering a question asked by the man.

Notice the Dancing
Please notice how the man doe a 2-3 step stomp dance around the stage. He is using his feet in a manner that is normal for the average person in Togo, for the common people dancing in the streets. If you saw a young 10 year old girl dancing to a song along side the road, she would be walking about in this manner dancing.

Notice the Hands of the Woman
The girl singing has the hand gestures I see when people listen to songs for which they are singing along and dancing. She will open them and hold up, then hold down, sort of a twisting gesture. In a way, saying I am opening the door, body language is honest.

Why this song?
After walking around the cities of Togo now for two months, this is the song that is impossible to avoid, or ignore. It is playing on the radio of taxis, in the buvettes, and young people carry cell phone with this song blaring in my ears.

The song is in Ewe language, the dominate language in Southern Togo, Benin, and parts of Ghana. It is song of praise for God, and I have not idea what the words mean, but I do like the tune, it is happy.

Togo girl

This girl would be considered very attractive in Togo, by the men, she is little plump, and would be more beautiful if she had a few more pounds. 

Togo is a small country with only 7 million people and Ewe is spoken by approximately 3 million.

Sometimes it is better to stop thinking, and understand our world, free of all the mental editing that plagues the planet.


Name of Song: NYEMAFONUWO 


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