Interviews of Mark from France Living in Lome Togo

Interviews of a man who live is Lome, Togo West Africa for 13 years - January 2013

Three interviews with a French man who has lived in Lome, Togo West Africa for 13 years.

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American passport/visa information:
How many days will they be given on their passport? How can this be extended? Your interviews are always good.


I, Andy Graham have lived and stayed in the Kodjoviakope neighborhood of Lome, Togo 3-4 times, maybe six months of my life.

I can tell you a story, I met the man in charge of security for the USA embassy in Lome, he wrote terrible stories about crime. Then, another man got transferred to Lome form Rwanda, and I took him on a tour of all the worst possible places in Lome, Togo during the daylight hours.

As best I can tell, from the conversation with both USA security people is that one was too afraid to even leave the SUV in the areas he was writing about. While the other was not afraid to enter.

OK, as a white guy from the USA, it is at first incredibly scary to enter a bar with completely full of blacks. Why? Because if I went into a 100 percent black bar in the USA it would be very very very dangerous, I would be on their turf.
As best I can tell, most people form an opinion about before the come about Black Africa, and are too afraid, too stupid, and too prejudice to test their feelings.

I have never seen a gun by a normal person in Lome, yes the police have them.

I know of one person getting rob, a German girl was falling down drunk, walking at 11:30 near the German embassy, she had a huge purse, and a motorcycle driver cam by and try to machete it off.

In Sosus, Dominican Republic I hear worst ever three days, that place is deadly dangerous.


Generally any government must report the worst possible situation, they are like Doctors, they tell you the worst, and when it better, you are happy.

Would I take my two parents for a walk in Lome at night, before 11:00 PM, yes, without a problem. I would ask my mother to remover her purse, and my father to take the one inch wallet out of his pocket, but I would do the same in Paris is full of problems.

I have been to Paris, and Lome, which is safer to me, Lome by 10 times.

If you travel the world long enough, you will know that people for many reasons believe white is better. Anything black is bad, and they sell cream here to bleach the black people.

Africa does not know America, and they cannot say, we are safer.

Chicago at 11:00 or Lome, I choose Lome 100 percent without a doubt, they do not have guns here.

Marc is coming to Benin, maybe we can have a video interview again on violence.

But, the vigilantes are in force, they will hunt down a thief and kill him. Marc who is from France, speaks French, watch it out in front of his balcony happen.

Drinking and being out at 11:00 is always a danger.

But, all the whites drive cars in Lome, and there is nothing easier to do, then stop a car full of white, and rob them. Latin America does this daily, but the story here, everyone is safe to have a car. They park them in the street, often, not always.

I think the world just has formed an opinion about Africa that is wrong, and the bunch of idiot NGOs and Missionaries who are very stupid, do get robbed. It is amazing the level of stupid this group has.

Andy Graham


If for any reason you have insurance, it is often voided and they do not have to pay if there is a consulate sheet warning. I do not have Insurance, but many do. If you become sick, do nothing to communicate with the insurance company until you are on a proper country.

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