Lome Togo a Great Hang Out With Horrible Hotels

I am again in Lome, Togo, one of my familiar haunts, a place I know as well as Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand. February 2, 2015 Andy Graham.

I am here in the Hotel Mon Plaisir in Lome, Togo, the room cost 12 dollars per night, but I negotiated it down to 10. Living in Hotels is challenging to the spirit, in a way, we must do anything we can to avoid having resentments against the hotel.

Lome Togo Galion Hotel

West Africa Hotels remind me of Mexican Hotels, they are never going to do you any favors. The only way to appreciate them is to get a room so cheap; you just do not feel a reason to complain. Paying 10 dollars for a bad room is something I can forget, and forgive paying 30-100 dollars for a bad room is torturous to the spirit, this is why people stop traveling, they continue to try to like a people, culture, or over priced hotels, they have to go home because of the backlog of resentments.

It is not fair to expect Africa to be more than Africa.

The Hotel Mon Plaisir is the only hotel as of today, I know that is acceptable to recommend to a backpacker, that is really bad for a city the size of Lome.

I am laughing, I asked Bonaface of the Mon Plaisir to hold a floor fan until I return. Upon arrival, he had cleaned it, and placed it in my room. I do not like ceiling fans blowing into my eyes, so I often by floor fans, and leave them at a hotel, hoping they are still there when I return.

This is how a normal Togo boy would behave, a rather good friend with simple things.

However, there is no way to get them to clean a room properly, but you cannot blame Africans. How in the world would they know what American proper was, or European, they cleaned it right up to standards for Togo,West African. They think it is very clean, and from an American perspective it is dirty. It is not fair to expect them to know what American super clean is, they are Togolese they are only 50 years out of the hut, concrete building are a rather new idea.

Well, Lome, Togo is a great city on the beach, small enough to manage, big enough you are never going to meet all the people. The expats here are a weird bunch, 90 percent chance they are working for a save the world organization, and a few old French guys, hangover from colonization.

Yet, the Hotels are 3 times more than global rates, and it takes diligence to find one that is backpacker savvy, correct priced, but than gain, there are almost zero backpackers left on the planet, it is a lost form of travel. The six month to one year travelers are hard to find.



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Im kind of leaning towards coming to Lome to teach on a two year contract- I have an interview in Cairo, Albania, Abu Dhabi and Kazakhstan for teaching jobs - I have an offer in Lome - One question - Any fishing in Togo - could a person surf fish or go out in the Atlantic? I read online there are alot of muggings on the beach at night - true or just tourist hype? Ive been other places they say are dangerous and I found them to be fine.


I do not know about the fishing, but this is the ocean, I see people walking around with fish. Lome is absurdly safe, but yes, you can get robbed if you go to the beach at 2:00 am after being drunk all night. Normally it is some white girls who drinks to much, and boinks all the local men. Maybe the Peace Corps or Volunteers, a really naive bunch, 20 years old, that came to save Africa. I consider listening to volunteers entertainment.


thanks so much Andy - i do truly appreciate real information from someome on the ground there. We just got our latest snowstorm - Im sick of winter


I often think the whole world has their head up their ass, as if giving a little information for free is a major disruption in the day. I often think about owning a hotel, I could make 2 videos per day about the hotel, there would never be a person come to the hotel that did not get what they saw on the videos. Communication is easy, unless you have your head up your ass.


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