Meeting Peace Corps Volunteers At Diallos Restaurant In Lome Togo

You can meet the people you want to meet living abroad, find the places where they eat and drink. In Africa white people stick out like sore thumbs.

Johnny, my friend from the USA is here, and we have had 2-3 conversations at buvettes about the Peace Corps volunteers in Togo. Yesterday, as we sat in Diallos Cafeteria along came two cliché, easy to spot American Peace Corps volunteers. 

Peace Corp Breakfast

I waved them over, we shook hands, one (boy) was from Ohio, the other (boy) from California, second generation Korean. About 21-22, University graduates, and sort of pale white. Peace Corps volunteers, this is the cliché, about 60-70 percent girls, with the girls look for local boy in tow. Peace Corp volunteers are here for two years, roughly 23 month more than the cliché volunteer abroad.

Ok, meeting this groups is easy at Diallos restaurant; it is less than 3 blocks away from the main office of Peace Corps in Togo, West Africa.

And, that is the point, if we wanted to me for example:

1. Reporters.
2. Peace Corps Volunteers.
3. American Embassy workers.
4. People who work at the Lome port.
5. Overland travelers, people driving from England to South Africa by land.
6. --- Girls…

Maybe the best reason to travel is to meet interesting people.

I thought about it yesterday, mused, looked at my navel, talked to Johnny, and realized, one skill I have is meeting anyone I want in life. If I wanted to meet the mayor of a city, I would meet the mayor, but I do not ever want to meet the President of Togo, I would have to leave the country and never return. Nonetheless, if I put my mind to it, I can hobnob with the rich and famous whenever, wherever, or hoboes. (Hobo Girls)

We travelers can meet the type of people we want to meet; it is the best of travel. You will hear people who went on large tours talking about the people they met on the tour, more than the actual tour destination. It is obvious, people are more important than objects and things, or even elephants andl lions.

Ok, my point is this, please focus on who you want to meet, the type of people you want, then going to the locations where they people hangout, eat, or drink. This is what pro travelers do, we are always about the people.

Johnny my friend from the USA, has many American wants, last night I connected him up with a French Canadian man, and a man from France, he now has the contacts he needs to sniff out the people he wishes to meet.

The best travel is about the people, and 10 percent about the tourist attraction. A great hotels is where you meet people, with the hope there is a good room.

Find where the people work, the find the restaurants and bars within walking distance from your target "new friends."

Andy Lee Graham February 5, 2014 in Lome, Togo

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